A person's most beautiful qualities are a heart with love to share, ears willing to listen to understand and hands willing to help another up without expecting anything in return.

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A movement of empathy in action


Welcome to In her shoes, a project I initially formed to fulfill a college assignment but soon realized this was more than a project, this is a movement. In her shoes has added such value to my life and the lives of other women in a short period of time, and I love having the opportunity to share my passion, my personal and educational journey and connect women through the power of SISTERHOOD. 

"The healing of one woman profoundly affects the whole."  Elizabeth Storey, currently a mid-life undergraduate at the University of Michigan majoring in Sociology/Social Work with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies bound for the School of Social Work Fall of 2022.

Please visit our site and join our community of empowered women.



A female led community based initiative to support underserved women

Random acts of giving through clothing donations and other gently used items can be found here! We have been blessed to provide Thanksgiving for a local family as well as gently used women's apparel and household items. If we can help connect one woman to resources that she may not otherwise have access to, restoring dignity and filling the basic need of gently used clothing then our mission has been successful.

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Education, Exercise and Engagement

I was my father's guardian for 8 years. He had Alzheimer's Disease and passed away in 2016. I work to raise awareness about Alzheimer's which includes prevention as I believe that is the biggest way we can currently make a difference. By keeping our mind and body active, this is proven to create new neural pathways in the brain which ensures continued cognitive development rather than decline. Please contact me or visit the link for more details on healthy and proactive behaviors. Also take advantage of Jackson College's FREE TUITION incentive for those 65 & older!!